Erin Humphries

I work with individuals and couples facing many obstacles. The people who are the closest to us have the biggest influence in our lives. Using a family systems view, I look for ways to enhance each person’s role in order to bring about changes in the system. Even if you are coming in for individual sessions, I believe that if you make a change in your life, your loved ones will feel the positive impact.

My approach to therapy is to guide you through changes necessary for your personal growth. Change often first occurs without our approval or desire. Your reaction to this change can determine your future well-being. In making these decisions, we routinely feel overwhelmed and confused. My role as your therapist is to help alleviate those feelings of being overwhelmed, teach you skills to cope with the situation, and help you gain control over your emotions again. I can’t make the decisions for you, but I will guide you through the decision making process. In the end, you will have accepted your abilities and learned the skills necessary to deal with the next set of changes. After all, life is always changing!

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